The Cabal

We have seen your pain, and we share it, but self-destruction is not the answer. We can heal your pain. We will be both mother and father to you, we will show you the true nature of the world.

“Tell me what I must do?”


Who are the Cabal ?

The Cabal are the ruling council of the Book of Cademus. Originally formed by Sir Oliver Cademus their leadership continues on through their descendants.

Very few within the Book of Cademus have seen the Cabal. There are some who believe the Cabal do not even exist. It’s members are shrouded in secrecy and yet their power and influence is vast.

He kept his head bowed and his eyes fixed on the intricate carvings that decorated the floor. He had been summoned to the sanctuary of his benefactors, who called themselves the Cabal, many times before. He never knew when or how he was brought here, it just happened and the experience unnerved him every time.

“I am here as summoned,” he called out.

Pain unlike anything he had ever experienced surged through him. Unrestrained grief took him and he wept, begging them to stop. The pain continued as he writhed on the floor his cries for mercy unanswered.

You have disappointed us.