“It reads like a TV series, with cliff hangers at the end of most chapters, and larger than life characters with big egos and quick wits. The book as a whole draws on many popular culture references & influences, and is easily compared to ‘Sin City’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Heroes’ or ‘Buffy’ – there really is something for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading or watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy.” – Waterstone’s

“‘Fallen Heroes is a stylish debut filled with sparkling characters in a skilfully drawn adventure that heralds the arrival of a bright new talent.”– Fantasy author, James Barclay

Reader Reviews *

“This was a really, really good read. It reads like Indiana Jones meets James Bond, which is an awesome combo right there. What more could you want than spies, thieves, rogue government agencies, cults, booby traps and a bald guy with an eye patch?”

“This book was a rollercoaster of action and excitement. Great character development and a real visual read! Although this is not typically my ‘type of book’, I loved it and highly recommend it!”

“I loved this book from beginning to end and struggled to put it down. I’ve not read a novel for a good few years and this has made me realise what I have been missing.”

“Barry Nugent’s book is an adrenaline ride from start to finish. It reminded me of a Da Vinci Code-style thriller which throws you from scene-to-scene as layer upon layer of a mystery is unwrapped before your eyes.”

“The book shares some similarities with the Heroes TV show, because Fallen Heroes also presents a large ensemble cast of seemingly unrelated people. Then over the course of the book the links and interwoven plots start to fall into place one by one.

I think Fallen Heroes will go on to launch a series of pulp stories from Nugent and I think a TV series of the book would be a surefire winner too.”

* excepts of reviews on and


Hi-Ex! Blog – “I cannot imagine anyone reading this and not wanting to pick up the next one”

SciFi Pulse – “It’s a roller coaster ride that includes skeletons, Mission Impossible-like stunts, a mysterious data disc and teeth-rattling explosions.”

Small Press Big Mouth – ‘very atmospheric and cinematic’ – the podcast review kicks off around the fourteen minute mark.

Geeky Girls Love Sci Fi – “bright and visceral, smacking us right between the eyes”

GeekPlanetOnline – ‘solid début issue that should leave you wanting more ‘

TALES OF THE FALLEN – Comic Anthology

“this book is filled with a whole new universe full of objects of mystery, high flying adventure, monsters, espionage, Indiana Jones-caliber action, and a whole lot of fun characters.”Aintitcool

“This is a powerful volume, packed full of shocks, surprises and intelligence. From my perspective, there’s nothing else like it in comics shops around the world! ”Sci-Fi Pulse

“ Utilizing an entire team of writers and artists, ‘Tales of the Fallen’ is visually diverse and an interesting journey to experience. Each story feels as if it plays to the individual teams’ creative strengths and there is a level of excitement in seeing such a showcase. “3 million years

Tales of the Fallen is a high octane, high adventure, pulp-tastic anthology ” – The Sidekickcast

“A pretty wide vista of action and pulpy possibility:”NewPulp


Sci-Pulse interview with Barry Nugent

Scfi-pulse podcast interview with Barry Nugent and Cy Dethan

Hi-Ex Blog: Interview with Martin Conaghan

Scfi-pulse radio interview with Barry Nugent, Martin Conaghan and Steve Penfold

Sff World interview with Barry Nugent

Tall Tales & Short Stories interview

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