Groups and Organisations


Tactical, Operational Response and Control Headquarters  – TORCH was formed  by the United Nations Security Council  after the Capital Bombings during the 70’s when three terrorist factions bombed six major cities across the globe. TORCH’s main remit is to safeguard the United Nations from any and all threats. It’s agents are comprised of men and women all drawn from all the member states of the UN. They are given full jurisdiction  on any cases involving UN members. The current director of TORCH is Philippe Chardon.

The Icarus Foundation

A global think tank, dedicated to monitoring the activities of cults around the world and intervening when any those cult threaten human life by supernatural means or otherwise. When that time comes the task is left up to a special unit set up within Icarus – The Esoteric Investigations Unit.

The Book of Cademus

crest 1200

Sir Oliver Cademus, alight of the First Crusade journeyed the land telling all who would listen of his belief, discovered through his years of self-imposed exile, that a person who followed his teaching could achieve a state of what he called eternal freedom and that one reaching this state would never need fear anything again. His message had already caught hold during his travels and had already amassed followers in various parts of world each one of which he called Chapters in The Living book of Cademus (ref R.Jones Cademus martyr or madman, 1935).


Oliver’s message was a simple one. He believed that his experience in the crusades taught him one thing

“True freedom in its most purest form is devoid of any moral constraint”

Although after some years he began to preach an even more dangerous message.

“Eternal freedom is that which comes from chaos, no rules, no authority nothing but pure unbridled and unrelenting chaos.”

It was thought that like most cults centred around a charismatic leader the Book of Cademus died out about a decade after Oliver’s disappearance, when it was thought he’s was killed along with a number of his followers including own wife and daughter . Questions were raised about the abruptness of the cult’s disappearance along with a huge amount funds it had gathered over the years.

Many conspiracy theorists theorised  that the cult did not die out but, under the orders of Cademus, went underground. Some believe that over the centuries the cult has slowly gathered strength in numbers and power to wait for the time when their leader returns to deliver his promise of the realisation of eternal freedom through chaos.

The Cabal


The Cabal are the ruling council of the Book of Cademus. Originally formed by Sir Oliver Cademus their leadership continues on through their descendants.

Very few within the Book of Cademus have seen the Cabal. There are some who believe the Cabal do not even exist. It’s members are shrouded in secrecy and yet their power and influence is vast.

The Knights of Cademus


Those with any kind of military training who join the modern-day Book of Cademus usually find themselves singled out to be trained as Knights of Cademus. Descended from Sir Oliver’s Cademus’ personal army this is the strong-arm of the cult and their most dangerous weapon. Kidnapping, torture and murder are all in a day’s work for a Knight of Cademus. Their blind loyalty and faith to the Cabal is only matched by their ruthlessness towards those who would oppose the will of the Cabal. Death holds know fear for a Knight of Cademus, who will willingly sacrifice themselves if the mission calls for it. Over the years rumours have surfaced that during the final initiation a Knight’s heart is stopped for a little under a minute. They are then revived by an injection directly into the heart. The substance injected into the knight is called ‘The oath’ and it symbolised that the knights old life is over and that they will not taste death again until Cademus himself wills it or they break their oath to him.

Elemental Sciences Division


What is known about this shadowy organisation is borne of half-truths and whispers conversations in the halls of governments around the world.

The ESD is said to have been created back in the 40’s after an incident left a small town wiped out by some unseen force with a handful of survivors. The ESD was funded by the United  States government to research this incident and other such paranormal occurrences across the globe. However some believe that the ESD’s remit went beyond the mere study of supernatural phenomena but also to harness these ‘occurrences’ to create what some termed as  ‘weapons of mass paranormal destruction’ to defend the United States against it’s enemies both foreign and domestic.