Bob Kelsey Investigates – Web Comic


BKINVESTIGATESThe Truth makes liars of us all. The Truth will kill you, or get you killed. It’ll steal your marriage and your daughter’s love. The Truth will get you shot and left for dead in the desert. Welcome to the world of Bob Kelsey.

Bob Kelsey is a reporter on the run from a centuries old cult he made the mistake of falling foul of. Unable to keep his reporter’s nose for a story out of other people’s business he now runs an underground blog investigating the weird, the strange and the downright surreal.

“When Barry floated the idea of taking a run at another Fallen Heroes character, the one that came immediately to mind was the reporter, Bob Kelsey. As I’ve said elsewhere, one of Barry’s key assets as a storyteller lies in his crafting of minor characters into little polished gems. After the thundering powerhouse of biblical vengeance he presented us with in The Reverend, I loved the idea of seeing the Unseen Shadow-world through the eyes of someone fighting to survive at the opposite end of the food chain. Bob Kelsey is an everyman in a world populated with monsters and heroes. To survive in those hunting grounds takes the self-preservation instincts of a feral rat. That’s what Bob Kelsey is to me.” – Cy Dethan.

Script/Pencils/Colours/Letters: Various



Case File 1: Neck on the Line

Case File 2: The Return

Case File 3: Killing the Soul 




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