Unseen Shadows

If, like me, you like rip-roaring pulp fiction with soldiers and mysteries and all-round weird stuff in, then this is the book for you –Jonathan Ross

Where Adventure Awaits

Unseen Shadows is a shared universe created by author Barry Nugent. The Unseen Shadows Universe expands the world and characters created within the pages of Barry’s bestselling Urban Fantasy novel Fallen Heroes and its sequel Forgotten WarriorsThe stories are told across multiple platforms, including books, comics, audio and more.  

At the heart of Unseen Shadows is a secret war which has waged since the first crusade and still continues to this day.

Unseen Shadows provides a broad and action packed canvas for its diverse creative team to work within. Their standalone tales are 100% canon to the Unseen Shadows universe and can be enjoyed without having to read the novels first. It’s all about offering you the choice to enjoy Unseen Shadows in a way that works for you.

All that remains to say is watch your step and welcome to the Shadows.

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3 thoughts on “Unseen Shadows

  1. Just discovered your stuff via a Facebook algorithm which led me to comixology. I just finished reading all of the sample pages. What an amazing and diverse line-up. Novels, comics, audio adventure, is live action next? Where should I start? Fallen Heroes? I also see you are now working with Pete Woods. This is very exciting!

    • Hey David, thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the sample pages. In terms of where to start if you’re a novel reader I would start with the fallen heroes novel. However it was important to me that the comics and audio drama be as standalone as possible. In terms of a chronological order we have a time line for the titles so if you wanted to read in that order you can.

      Hope that helps


    • Oh and whereever you start in hope you enjoy the ride and let us know what you think. Yep Pete has been doing great work so far on the character sketches and can’t wait for him to start banging out some more pages.

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