Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set

An Unseen Shadows Find Your Path Gamebook

You are Napoleon Stone. Lecturer in Archaeology, History and Parapsychology. You are also an expert in all things occult. In your years of adventuring, for the Icarus Foundation, you have acquired many formidable skills. You are an unparalleled hand to hand fighter, weapons expert and your skill with a blade could see you in an Olympic team. You are also a notable practitioner of the magical arts.

This is good. You are going to need all these skills in what is coming. A great evil is awakening and it will unleash destruction upon this world unless you can stop it.

Good luck, Professor Stone.

The Army of Set awaits you…

Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set is a Find your Fate Game Book, where the reader chooses multiple paths through the story.

The really cool thing about Army of Set  is that will reference and directly lead into the comic Fragments of Fate which is also included in the same book.