Wrath of God, Band of Butchers and Operation Solomon now Available on Kindle!

That’s right people after a lot of hours editing the comics to fit the Kindle format I can announce that the one shot comics; Wrath of God, Operation Solomon and Band of Butchers are now available for the Kindle at the bargain price of £1.29! Don’t worry Fragments of Fate is on the way but we have something special planned for that.

So if you’ve got a Kindle and what to give one of these titles a try just click the cover below to be taken to their page on Amazon.

Band of Butchers Artist Rob Carey Nominated for ICN Award!

Rob's brilliant cover for Band of Butchers

I’m more than happy to pass along the news that our very own Band of Butchers artist Rob Carey has been nominated in the Irish Comic Awards in the BEST MAINSTREAM PUBLISHED IRISH ARTIST  category. Rob has done fantastic work on Band of Butchers as well as his work on a host of other projects including The Indifference Engine by Cy Dethan.

Some of Rob's art from The Indifference Engine with Colours by Mel Cook

The voting is open now and will going on until Friday 28th October. So if you love Rob’s art (and why wouldn’t you?) then head over to the voting page and cast your vote.

I wish Rob all the best in the awards and if he wins it couldn’t happen to a nicer fella!

First Look at Band of Butchers

So another happy day for me as I get to show off another little piece of tasty art from one of the upcoming spin off comics. In this case an early character sketch from artist Rob Carey, who is working on the spin off ‘Band of Butchers’ centered on mercenary Clancy Wallencheck.

The fact Rob knocked this fantastic sketch up in this lunch break should give you some idea of the standard of art you can expect from this project.


Clancy Wallencheck is a very bad man – the commander of an elite team that have nothing to live for and a whole lot of people to kill.


From the mountains of Pakistan to the waters of Venice, there have been a thousand corpses in Clancy’s life.


This is the story of the one that mattered.