2nd Draft of ‘Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set’ is Done


So the second draft of our Choose your adventure story Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set is complete. I’m now working with the story’s writer (Richmond Clements) and our gamebook guru ( Antony McGarry-Thickitt) to put some final touches on the enemy encounters before we can start doing some playtesting (can’t wait)!

The plan will be to release the book later this year in print. I’m also looking to a way to make an interactive version of the book that people can play-through online.


Choose Your Own Adventure with Napoleon Stone

Napoleon_Stone_portrait_sample (1)The moment I read my first choose your adventure book I was hooked. I first started out on with a few Indiana Jones adventures before moving on to the fighting fantasy books by Ian Livingstone. So when Richmond Clements approached me at the start of the year about doing a mini choose your own adventure for the enigmatic Professor Napoleon Stone  I had already replied with a big yes before I had finished reading his email.

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