Wrath of God Comes to Comixology

So finally Unseen Shadows smashes it’s way onto the ComiXology store with Wrath of God. So what are you waiting for pick up the Comixology app and get your copy today before the Reverend pays you a visit.

69p of high octane pulp fueled action..what more could you ask for?

Get your copy here.

About Wrath of God 

The Reverend: a holy weapon forged in tragedy and flame – a murderous martyr whose cold judgement strikes with the force of a vengeful God. Despair, for the Reverend walks among you. He is the right hand of vengeance. He is Wrath.

From the twisted brain of Cy Dethan comes this 22 page story following Fallen Heroes favourite The Reverend; a cold blooded and ruthless killer hell-bent on a path of righteousness and destruction.

 Wrath of God cover  

Published by: Barry Nugent
Written by: Cy Dethan
      Art by: Steve Penfold
Colored by: Gat Melvyn
Lettered by: Nic Wilkinson
Edited by: Barry Nugent
Price: 0.69p




Tales of the Fallen Now Available on Amazon!

Just in time for payday you can now order the first Unseen Shadows comic anthology Tales of the Fallen direct from Amazon.co.uk.


“If, like me, you like rip-roaring testosterone fuelled pulp fiction with soldiers, and mysteries, and all round weird stuff in, then this is the book for you.” – Jonathan Ross


They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man s-land between adventure and crusade soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood. Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.

They are the Fallen, and these are their stories.

Tales of the Fallen is an anthology of four stories featuring characters from the best selling novel Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent.

  • Scripts: Cy Dethan, Richmond Clements, Dan Thompson, Pete Rogers
  • Pencils: Steve Penfold, Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart
  • Colours: Gat Melvin, Vicky Stonebridge
  • Letters: Paul Mclaren, Nic Wilkinson
  • Covers: Steve Penfold, Gat Melvin,Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart, Valia Kapadai
  • Introduction: Jonathan Ross
  • 128 pages


“this book is filled with a whole new universe full of objects of mystery, high flying adventure, monsters, espionage, Indiana Jones-caliber action, and a whole lot of fun characters.” – Ainitcool

an intriguing package for a pulp series that blends different genres effectively.” –NewPulp

‘Despair, for the Reverend walks among you’ – A look at the First Page From ‘Wrath of God’

The Reverend welcomes you to the first page of 'Wrath of God'

The Reverend: a holy weapon forged in tragedy and flame – a murderous martyr whose cold judgement strikes with the force of a vengeful God. Despair, for the Reverend walks among you. He is the right hand of vengeance. He is Wrath.

So whenever anyone finishes Fallen Heroes I always ask who was your favorite character and although the results vary one name gets mentioned again and again Jonathan Bishop aka ‘The Reverend’.

When Cy Dethan and I chatted about writing a comic script for the Reverend and giving people a little more background on the character I couldn’t wait for him, Gat Melvin (colours), Steve Penfold (art) and Nic Wilkinson (letters to get started. The script Cy has come up with is brilliant and captures the dark and bloody tones of Reverend’s relentless and very personal one man crusade. The comic will also give the reader a deeper look at the Reverend’s past as well as answering the question of how he obtained some of his skills you see described in Fallen Heroes.

Like all the comics in the ‘Tales of the Fallen’ anthology Wrath of God is %100 canon in the Unseen Shadows universe. This is the Reverend’s past approved by me rather than a nice spin off that has nothing to do with the book. So for the readers who enjoyed Fallen Heroes this comic will give you a little more insight into the character and his world before Fallen Heroes. If you’ve not read the book that doesn’t matter as again like all the Unseen Shadows project they are perfectly readable without reading the novel but you will gain a richer experience if you have.

The comic will be released digitally in November and will also form part of the ‘Tales of the Fallen’ anthology being launched at the Thought Bubble Festival in November.

Fallen Heroes the Comic Adaptation – Read the Issue 2 Preview Now!

Well it’s been a while a coming but I think you will agree from this preview that the wait has been more than worth it. Just a quick disclaimer that some of the art and lettering isn’t quite finished yet but we were all very eager to give you lot a quick look at the next issue.

Fingers crossed the issue will be ready in time for launching at the Thought Bubble Festival this November.

Fallen Heroes Issue 2 Preview


Swing back around tomorrow for the first full colour page from  Cy Dethan’s  Reverend centered story – Wrath of God.