Page 1 of Unseen Shadows: Blood Cries Out Gets a Splash of Colour

As promised here’s another look at the page 1 of Blood Cries Out with fifty percent of the colour now added by Gat. Stay tuned for the end of the week and the finished page complete with lettering from Nic!

I’ve already seen the next stage of this page with more colour and more special effects!!!

BCO 1.1 01



The Reverend: Blood Cries Out – The First Full Length Unseen Shadows Graphic Novel Is Announced

And drum roll… we now have a title for the very first full length Unseen Shadows Graphic novel which has been in development for a little while now. The story will centre on everyone’s fave vigilante from Fallen Heroes – Jonathan Bishop aka The Reverend. Written by Cy Dethan with art by Steve Penfold, colours by Gat Melvin and letters by Nic Wilkinson the story will be called The Reverend: Blood Cries Out.

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Wrath of God – Five Page Preview and Cover

I am very excited to announce the news that bar the usual last minute admin bits and bobs all the four stories within the Tales of the Fallen anthology are complete. Huge, huge thanks to all the creative teams for working their guts out over the months to hit the deadline. The plan now is to prepare the anthology for proof printing and then the actual print run if all goes well. Look out soon for a special pre-order deal for the book. The individual stories will also be available via Comixology and graphicly soon.

If anyone is interested in review pdfs of any of the titles please email me at

In the meantime here’s  the cover, blurb and preview for Wrath of God by Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson, Steve Penfold and Gat Melvyn. I will stick up another cover and preview tomorrow.

Cy Dethan (Writer), Steve Penfold (Art) Gat Melvin (Colours), Nic Wilkinson (Lettering) 

The Reverend: a holy weapon forged in tragedy and flame – a murderous martyr whose cold judgement strikes with the force of a vengeful God. Despair, for the Reverend walks among you. He is the right hand of vengeance. He is Wrath.

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