Fallen Heroes Issue 2 Now Available on Graphicly


The Hand discovers some disturbing information regarding the mercenaries who attacked him inTokyo. The revelations lead him to choose a course of action that may be more dangerous than the enemy he faces. In Paris a brutal murder spree forces government agent Luther Washington to seek help from a reluctant a former agent to help him unravel the mystery. Both are unaware that every step they take is being watched by the killer they hunt… Based on the bestselling novel ‘Fallen Heroes’ by Barry Nugent

Fallen Heroes Issue 1 Now Available on Graphicly for $0.99

So as we approach the launch of Tales of the Fallen next month let’s not forget that the first issue of the comic adpatation was released early this year to some rave reviews.

Hi-Ex! Blog – “I cannot imagine anyone reading this and not wanting to pick up the next one”

SciFi Pulse – “It’s a roller coaster ride that includes skeletons, Mission Impossible-like stunts, a mysterious data disc and teeth-rattling explosions.”

Small Press Big Mouth – ‘very atmospheric and cinematic’ – the podcast review kicks off around the fourteen minute mark.

Geeky Girls Love Sci Fi – “bright and visceral, smacking us right between the eyes”

GeekPlanetOnline – ‘solid début issue that should leave you wanting more ‘

Well the comic has just hit the digital shelves of the Graphicly website and you can pick up your copy for $0.99  right now!

Haven’t got an ipad or a smart phone to read it on? not a problem you can also buy and read the comic (and all the comics from Unseen Shadows)  from our facebook page. Just look for the Preview/Buy Comics link in the navigation.

So pick up Fallen Heroes issue 1 today and read it fast  as issue 2 of Fallen Heroes is just around the corner!