IndyCast ‘Fallen Heroes’ Interview

Now I am one of the biggest Indiana Jones fans you’ll ever likely to meet. Now to my friends and family that statement is a cross they all have to bear along with listen to me drone on about my affection for the man in the hat…sorry Fedora and his archeological adventures. However one place I need make no apology is on the Indycast, a podcast dedicated to all things Indy of which I was a guest to talk about Fallen Heroes, Tales of the Fallen and of course all things Indy.

You can listen to the results of the interview here.

Interviews Galore!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated the website so I figured it was time I got my lazy self into gear and rectified that.

Over the past months I’ve done a couple of interviews so I stuck the links below so you can check them out.

My interview over at Sci-Pulse.

My guest spot on an Indiana Jones Podcast called the Indy Cast. I chat about my love of the Indiana Jones and their impact on my writing.

My Radio Northampton Interview.