Fallen Heroes Book Signing At Waterstones Swindon this Saturday (21st Jan)

For anyone ether living in the Swindon area, close by or hell can drive or jump on a train I will be signing copies of Fallen Heroes in the Swindon branch of Waterstones this Saturday.

Saturday, 21 January 2012, 11:00AM – 2:00PM

25/26 Brunel Plaza, Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon SN1 1ND

Barry Nugent will be joining us in store to sign copies of his fantastic book ‘ Fallen Heroes’. The books starts out like an espionage thriller, then goes into action adventure, then vigilante flick and then demonic monsters start turning up! What more could you possibly want! – Waterstones

I’ve done a couple of signings now but still nervous about the whole thing so if anyone is nearby and want to swing by to say hi and have a chat about the book that would be fantastic.

Fallen Heroes gets it second Five Star Waterstone’s review!

During  March I did my second Official Waterstone’s signing this time at Milton Keynes. The signing went really well and there’s now a nice display behind the counter of the book (photos coming soon).

Anyway the manager of the store  was great on the day and very supportive. After reading the book he gave it a five star recommendation on the Waterstones website with the following write-up.

I loved reading this book, particularly for its clever plot that subtly draws all factors together for a big bang effect. It reads like a TV series, with cliff hangers at the end of most chapters, and larger than life characters with big egos and quick wits. The book as a whole draws on many popular culture references & influences, and is easily compared to ‘Sin City’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Heroes’ or ‘Buffy’ – there really is something for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading or watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy.


Fallen Heroes gets another Waterstone’s signing!

Well I couldn’t have wished for a better start to 2009. Not only have the Milton Keynes branch of Waterstones agreed to stock copies of Fallen Heroes they also invited me to come and do an official signing!

I’m sure the nerves will kick in nearer the time (count on it!) but at the moment I’m just excited to be asked.

The signing is due to take place on Saturday 28th Feb between 11-1 so if you can make please stop by, pick up a copy and say hi!

Fallen Heroes becoming a ‘Cult Hit’ in Europe’s Largest Bookshop


To set the scene a friend of mine popped into the Piccadilly branch of Waterstone’s, the flagship branch to buy a copy of Fallen Heroes. Apparently when he asked the member of staff at the counter about the book he was taken straight to where the book was located. He enquired how it was the member of staff knew where the book was and was told.

“It’s becoming quite a cult hit.”

Now being the ever sceptical person I am I sent an email to the branch to try and get a bit more info and the response was this.

Dear Mr Nugent,

Your book is a steady seller here in our branch, faced out in the section.
We will be ordering more in, if you would like to come to sign the copies we have, would be great.

Kind regards
Customer Services
Waterstone’s Piccadilly

In a word…wow!