Fallen Heroes Licensed for Graphic Novel Adaptation

Insomnia Publications have been “in talks”, with me for a while now about a possible Fallen Heroes graphic novel adaptation. I can now confirm that Insomnia would like to licence the option to develop Fallen Heroes as a graphic novel.

We still need to work together closely to agree the specific contract details over the next few weeks, but I’m confident that the project will proceed. They have also confirmed that under whatever contract we finalise the copyright to the story and characters will remain with me, and Insomnia will be effectively licensing their use from me.

I will be very closely involved in the development of the project in an editorial “executive producer” role. I will also be closely involved with the selection of the creative team for the project.

Nothing has been agreed yet, and no creative team assembled but hopefully there will be some more news soon.

To say I’m excited about this is an understatement. I’m still an avid comic reader so the prospect of seeing the story translated in comic form is just to good to be true. My hope is this will open up the story to a whole new audience.

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