Fallen Heroes movie/TV talks

So I’m checking my Fallen Heroes hotmail account like I do and I come across this email.

Dear Barry,

Please excuse this e-mail sent cold, my query is with regards to the film and TV rights for the above novel. It’s gone down extremely well with a number of people in our office, and I’m hoping the rights remain available.

Please do let me know, and if you have an agent we can talk to in order to take the next step…?

Many thanks in advance,

All the best,

For the time being I’ve left out the name of the contact and company mainly as everything at a very early stage and may come to nothing. At first I thought this was an April Fools joke as the email came through on Apr 1st. I phoned the production company who assured me it was no joke. Apparently the next stage is to wait for them to look at drafting a potential Option Agreement.

I’m still trying to take it in…Even if nothing comes of it…I’m excited by the fact that the novel is starting to get this kind of attention.

I will let you know as soon as I know anything more, for now just keep em crossed for me.

One thought on “Fallen Heroes movie/TV talks

  1. Wow! An amazing email out of the blue! It seems to be that that’s how things happen.

    I love reading about self-publishing success stories. It gives hope to every good writer when they see what you have achieved!

    Well done you!

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