Auditions Now Open for the Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood Audio Drama

So Alan White, the brains behind the first Unseen Shadows audio drama, sent out the final call sheet yesterday. This step officially marks the start of a three week audition process to find voices to star in the audio drama Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood. Below is Alan’s synopsis for this six part adventure featuring Vincent Marconi.

A grisly murder in Australia causes the Icarus Foundation to assign Vincent Marconi to the investigation– but Vincent is weary, bruised, and tired of losing friends to the evil that plagues our world. Little does he know that he’s about to meet fellow investigator Victoria Sullivan … and she’s about to change all that!

Written by

Alan White and Barry Nugent

Story by

Alan White

If anyone (there are big and small parts) is interested in being a part of the Unseen Shadows universe and trying out for a role then download and read the call sheet for all the infomation you’ll need.

EoB Ep 1 Call Sheet Final

Good luck!

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