Fallen Heroes the Audio Book – Chapter 1 Launches Today!

For those of you who have been following my misadventures for a while now will probably know that I always planned to have an audio version of Fallen Heroes available. It’s taking a while getting here but at last the wait is over.

At the moment myself and the fantastic Mr David Ault, who is the narrator on the book, are currently editing the audio like mad so we can release the chapters to you on a weekly basis. I’m hoping this serial-style approach to releasing the chapters will fit in nicely with the tone of the book as I always tried to end each chapter on a cliffhanger.

The next stage is to have the complete audio version of the novel available to buy on CD at the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds this November and afterwards the CD will be available to buy online.

The individual chapters will be free to download but I have included a donate button for anyone wishing to contribute something after listening. All donations will go back into the various Unseen Shadows projects.

So without further ado here’s Chapter 1 of Fallen Heroes – The Audio Book.

Chapters will be released for free every Monday and Thursday!

Chapter 1

Jason Chen’s apocalyptic visions of death and destruction herald the young student’s first step on journey that threatens to destroy his sanity. Halfway across the world a simple exchange for master criminal ‘The Hand’ becomes something much more deadlier.

Direct Download: Chapter 1

Listen Online:

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