Listen to the First Seven Minutes of Empire of Blood – The Audio Drama *UPDATED*

I’m very excited to reveal this one as now we are taking our first true steps into the world of audio dramas. The first episode of Empire of Blood has been recorded and Alan and I are working together to have this ready soon to release. In the meantime enjoy the first scene from Empire of Blood audio centered around Vincent Marconi who was first introduced in the Unseen Shadows novel: Fallen Heroes.

I should note that the soundtrack hasn’t been added as yet but this first scene is all but complete. Big Props to all the voice actors for their stellar work in this scene…still getting my head around hearing Vincent speak!

Update: as producer the audio drams head honcho  Alan White has signed off on this I thought you might like to hear the scene with finished soundtrack I put together added on. There still a few tweaks to be made but you’ll get the idea. By the way the theme at the end which is the Unseen Shadows theme (yay a theme!) plays for a lot longer than it will in the final version.


Direct Download: First Seven Minutes of Empire of Blood with Soundtrack added


Listen Online:

A grisly murder in Australia causes the Icarus Foundation to assign Vincent Marconi to the investigation– but Vincent is weary, bruised, and tired of losing friends to the evil that plagues our world. Little does he know that he’s about to meet fellow investigator Victoria Sullivan … and she’s about to change all that!

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