Jonathan Ross Provides A Special Introduction for ‘Tales of the Fallen’

‘If, like me, you like rip-roaring testosterone fuelled pulp fiction. With soldiers, and mysteries, and all round weird stuff in, then this is the book for you.’ – Jonathan Ross.

The above sentence, I am very happy to reveal,  is a very small portion of a special introduction to Tales of the Fallen which has kindly been provided by TV and radio presenter Jonathan Ross.  As most of us in the comic world  know Jonathan is also a huge comic fan and has recently become a comic writer with his  Turf mini series published by Image Comics.

I approached Jonathan a while back with Tales of the Fallen and asked him if he would be interested in writing the introduction for the anthology. To say I was pleased when he accepted is a little bit of an understatement. Since then I’ve kept Jonathan’s involvement  under wraps, from pretty much everyone on the creative team, as I wanted this to be one last surprise before the book went off to the printers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan for taking the time out of his hectic schedule to do the introduction for Tales of the Fallen it is very much appreciated.

To read full Jonathan’s full introduction pre-order your copy of Tales of the Fallen now at special price of 8.50 with a free digital version…how’s that for a bargain?

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