Unseen Shadows Launches ‘The Unseen Art Gallery’ Section

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while but under fears of ‘No one’s going contribute’ I’ve always stopped myself from doing it but I’ve now decided what hell I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes. So what I’m going is throwing the doors open to anyone who likes to draw who’s a fan of the book, the audio drama or the comics to submit some pin up art that I can display on the website for all to see.  As well as out from fans of the various projects I hope to show off some of the behind scenes art from the Unseen Shadows creative team.

So if you want to contribute something then just send it over to me at barry@unseenshadows.com. If you want to contribute but are after reference material for any of the characters or situations then again just drop me an email. It can be a pencil sketch, inked page or something in full colour hell you can even do a few comic panels if you want (useful if you want to join one of the US projects as an artist)!

In the meantime I already have quite a bit of art to show off so I would start with some pieces of art from Andie Tong and Emma Vieceli two great artists and friends  who were kind enough to do some pin ups to go into a special edition of the novel.

I loved these pieces as they are both very different styles…anyway have a look see.

Steph Connisbee, Ben ‘The Hand’ Ashodi and Jason Chen as drawn by Andie Tong

Ben ‘The Hand’ Ashodi as drawn by Emma Vieceli

Steph Connisbee as drawn by Emma Vieceli

Vincent Marconi as drawn by Emma Vieceli

Big thanks to Emma and Andie! look out for more Unseen Art soon!

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