Ben Ashodi and Steph Connisbee Return in ‘Swagger and Steal’


So the reveal of new Unseen Shadows projects which we announced at our Thought Bubble Panel continues. This time we turn our focus on master thieves Ben Ashodi and Steph Connisbee. In one interview I did described  them has the Han and Chewie of the Unseen Shadows universe (although not sure how much Steph would like being referred to as a Wookie). Now these two light-fingered characters have already popped up in two comics (not counting the Fallen Heroes adaptation) Stolen and Operation Solomon but now they finally get to share top billing in the upcoming graphic novel Swagger and Steal.

The story, written by Corey Brotherson, is an origin tale charting Ben and Steph’s first meeting as well as introducing us all to Ben’s arch enemy.

It’s funny to think that I wasn’t even sure of which character I wanted to write about when I originally started talking to Barry about an Unseen Shadows project. Now, after writing Ben in Tales of the Forgotten’s Stolen, I can’t help but hear Ben’s voice all the bloody time. Some might say that’s slightly insane. Ben would say I’ve merely reached a higher state of consciousness. And Steph? Well, Steph would just shake her head and hand me a gun with a single bullet in the chamber…

Ben and Steph are the perfect balance for each other (although they’d probably loathe admitting it so openly) and the chance to explore their partnership via their first meeting is something too tasty to resist. I’m just hoping both of them still want to talk to me once I’m done with them… – Corey Brotherson.

So far there’s no art team attached so if anyone is interested check out the submission details and get in touch. Corey is currently penning the script and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes the terrible twosome.

More announcements soon!

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