Unseen Shadows: Whispers of the Righteous Set to Launch at Thought Bubble 2014

Two posts in two days I know we’re spoiling you but this one is a biggie so it could not wait.

Been holding off with this news because I wanted to make sure that everything was ok with the printers and bar any last minutes setbacks we will be bringing something a brand new Unseen Shadows anthology to Thought Bubble.

I will be teasing some more artwork and info in the days to come but for now sit back and enjoy the Press Release and a first look at the cover.

Whispers of the Righteous Launches at Thought Bubble 2014

Transmedia Company Releases Third Comic Anthology based on characters from bestselling novel ‘Fallen Heroes’!

Whispers of the Righteous is the third anthology to be released from the ever-expanding Unseen Shadows universe. The comic collects four standalone stories featuring characters taken from the pages of the bestselling novel Fallen Heroes.

Featuring new stories following Sir Oliver Cademus, the enigmatic founder of a centuries old cult and his devout knights as theydevote themselves to creating a new world based on their twisted ideals. The final story follows T.O.R.C.H agents Luther Washington and Kathryn Monroe, it’s Katherine’s first case and she’s in a race against the clock to save a little girl from a madman.

The creative team behind the anthology are some of the brightest and best indie comic creators, including Lizzie Boyle, Conor Boyle, Peter Rogers, James Evans, Virgil Yendell and Aaron Moran.

The anthology will launch at Thought Bubble Festival 2014 in Leeds on November 15th & 16th. It will be available online to buy shortly afterwards. Check http://www.unseenshadows.com for more details.

Fallen Heroes writer and Unseen Shadows puppet master Barry Nugent will also be at Thought Bubble taking part on a panel discussing diversity in comics on Saturday 15th of November at 4pm in the Panel Area of Leeds Docks.

Whispers of the Righteous Cover


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