Playtesting Starts on ‘Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set’ Gamebook

While in Paris, Napoleon Stone is dragged into a mystery that will see him uncover a sinister secret society. It will take all his knowledge, skill and strength to try and stop them before they can carry out their nefarious plans…
Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set is a choose your own adventure – so all of this is up to you!
Good luck, Professor Stone!
So work on our first choose your own adventure starring Professor Napoleon Stone is progressing well.
We have just finished working on the final draft of the book and it now moving into the play testing stage. I will be ordering a proof copy of the book, getting my hands on a pair of dice so I can work through this brilliant adventure created by Richmond Clements, Anthony McGarry Thickitt and myself with Alex Moore handling the interior illustrations.
Fingers crossed the book will be out later this year.


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