Empire of Blood

Mature Listeners

Episode 1

Direct Download: Empire of Blood – Episode 1

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A grisly murder in Australia causes the Icarus Foundation to assign Vincent Marconi to the investigation– but Vincent is weary, bruised, and tired of losing friends to the evil that plagues our world. Little does he know that he’s about to meet fellow investigator Victoria Sullivan … and she’s about to change all that!


Episode 2

Direct Download: Empire of Blood – Episode 2

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Vincent’s and Victoria’s investigation into the brutal murders of  five people brings them an unexpected ally. Together they follow a lead to a remote island in the Seychelles and it’s owner, the enigmatic and mysterious philanthropist  Peter Wesley who may hold a vital clue to the murders.


Episode 3

Direct Download: Empire of Blood – Episode 3

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Can Vincent survive against creatures bred to destroy?

Will Victoria’s quick wits and even quicker fists be enough against Peter Wesley?

Just what is the Empire of Blood?

For the answers to these questions and more tune into episode three!


Episode 4

Direct Download:  Empire of Blood – Episode 4

There are revelations, betrayal, sacrifice and blood a plenty as Vincent and Victoria finally face the Empire of Blood in this final episode.

About Empire of Blood

Empire of Blood is a standalone adventure featuring Vincent Marconi who works as an Investigator for the Icarus Foundation. If you’ve read Fallen Heroes the novel then you will know who Vincent is and what the Icarus Foundation is. However, just like the other Unseen Shadows project, although some stuff from the book is hinted at you can listen to this story without having read the novel.

9 thoughts on “Empire of Blood

  1. Thanks for letting me know, Barry. I’m pining to hear Sullivan’s voice again! Looking forward to Ep 4.

  2. As soon as we’re back underway you’re be the first to known. If you’re a comics fan then you check out a short story featuring Sullivan in the Tales of the Forgotten graphic novel

  3. I arrived via a longer list of audio plays. No other made such a good impression to me, even though my primary focus was on dark fantasy and not (paranormal) investigations. Credit where it is due though! And thanks for the generosity of free downloads.

  4. Greetings,

    I had listened to the first two episodes with the ‘adult comforting spoiler’ underneath the bed… But due the lack of practice I had to slow them down, as a Non-Native Speaker isn’t used to translating that fast. 😉 The quality is good, and the teamwork balances male and female quite well, too.

    My regards


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