Ben Ashodi

benashodi_portraitBen rubbed his unshaven chin, allowing the silence to become even more pronounced.

“Three hundred grand is my standard rate for saving the world,” he said at last. – Fallen Heroes

Appearances: Fallen Heroes, Forgotten WarriorsStolen


From an early age master thief Ben aka ‘The Hand’ displayed an unusual flair for gymnastics and by thirteen he had won several awards for gymnastics and was dubbed the ‘human fly’ by his class mates.During his teenage years he continued to hone his ability for sports. His was guiding dream was to win a gold medal in the Decathlon at the next Olympics and many people, including his coach believed that this was well within his reach.

At eighteen he was arrested and despite his continued pleas of innocence subsequently sentenced to seven years for armed robbery.

Soon after his incarceration Ben found himself under the protection and mentorship of Will Raven, one of the world’s foremost professional thieves. However unlike many of his criminal peers Ben has unusually high morals for someone in his profession, much to his long suffering partner/bodyguard Steph’s annoyance.