Clancy Wallencheck


Clancy crouched beside the man, his gun hovering in front of the man’s terror-filled eyes, his former composure and self assurance a distant memory.

“I’m going to let you live. I want you to run back to whoever pulls your strings and give them a message. You tell them…”

Clancy fired three times into the man’s chest.  “On second thoughts, I’ll tell them myself.”


Clancy Wallencheck is head of Blacklight the codename given to an elite special forces unit that undertook covert operations on behalf of the worked black op missions for the United States government. Members were known to have been pulled in from all over the world and given US citizenship.

Wallencheck had received several commendations for bravery before joining Blacklight.

Unfortunately during a mission in Cuba most of the team were wiped out when they were ambushed by drug runners. Clancy and a few others, including Jack Kelly, his second-in-command, survived the massacre and then dropped out of sight.

Appearances: Fallen HeroesForgotten Warriors,Band of Butchers