The Icarus Foundation

The unknown is where you’ll find us”

The Icarus foundation is a global think tank whose main purview was to investigate the paranormal and its impact on the thousands of cult and religious groups that existed around the world.

Icarus has no ties to any country or law enforcement even though some of it’s employees are ex FBI, CIA.MI5,INTERPOL,MOSSAD AND TORCH.


Icarus’ headquarters is located in the heart of London. Many upon first seeing the building think of it as something of an architectural oddity. Part medieval castle, part modern day office mecca the building stands on the site of a mental hospital originally built in the 1900’s which was later destroyed by fire. Over the time since its construction the building has been expanded and modernised but still retaining most of the original brickwork. Icarus has several subsidiaries in the United States and throughout Europe and Asia.

Icarus also conduct studies into the many of the cults and religious sects in existence today and are sometimes called upon for their unique expertise in a advisory capacity. One of it’s more famous case the organisation was involved in was the new Rome killings.

One thought on “The Icarus Foundation

  1. I know who Icarus really is

    I’m sure most people on this saddo conspiracy site have heard of the Icarus foundation(I never did until three years ago but then I’m not sad), a noble agency created to study and record all things historical, psychological with a paranormal slant. Well I’m here to tell you they do more than just watch. When I stuck my nose in their business two of their people left me for dead with a bullet in my leg and the knowledge that after what I had seen I was living on borrowed times. I’ve been on the run ever since for god knows how long. I know they’ll find me, you don’t escape these people you just forestall the inevitable. I can’t print what I know because everyone I know thinks I’m dead (and that’s safer for them safer for me) and no would believe me anyway.
    So my advice to anyone out there asking the questions no one else dare ask, be damm sure you’re ready for the consequences the answers may bring.

    I Know I wasn’t.


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