The Reverend

reverend_portraitThe gloved hand began rummaging through Doug’s pocket. It took out the map that all the guards carried in case they forgot the location of the mines. Doug heard the hammer being pulled back on the gun, the silencer still pressed against his forehead.

“Please don’t…please..I just work for them…”

“No one just works for evil,” said the soft voice as its owner pulled the trigger. – Fallen Heroes


A former priest turned ruthless vigilante, the Reverend’s origins are as mysterious as his persona and skills. The belief amongst the criminal fraternity  that ‘by the time you see the Reverend it’s already too late’ is one not taken lightly. The Reverend sees people as either assets or targets. The closest person he does have to a friend is Steph and their paths have crossed several times over the years both helping out the other with problems that usually result in lot of spent ammo and a high body count.  Ben has a less friendly few of the Reverend than Steph and thinks of him as being ‘about as stable as a sweating stick of dynamite’.

Appearances: Fallen HeroesWrath of God, Blood Cries Out

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