Pete Woods

Pete Woods

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: The Chimera Factor


About Pete

Pete is a Kent based comics illustrator with a background in graphic design, multimedia and animation.

Pete’s previous published work includes Planet Jimbot, Futurequake press and various anthologies.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

“Given the opportunity to work on such an exciting project as Chimera Factor offers unique and exciting challenges from a storytelling perspective.

My past sequential work has generally been a scripts with a very “slice of life” or not big action. Joining the US team has made me really excited to push my skills to the limit with this project.”

Artist picture

Heather L Sheppard

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Eye of Stone


About Heather

Heather spends most of her days at home working on games, films and comics as a Concept and UI Artist. She shares her home with her Partner and two noisy degus in a lovely Warwickshire town, and enjoys wandering around the local countryside and barbecues – but…Not barbecuing the countryside. She’s currently working on completing her own self-published story SUNRISE, and looking to work on more comics in the near future.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

“I first heard about the Unseen Shadows universe through a friend, who then introduced me to Barry, Cy and Nic at Thought Bubble in 2012. I was really impressed by Barry’s enthusiasm for his creation and the energy he put into promoting the books, so I picked up a copy of the audio book to listen to while I worked and haven’t looked back since!”

Front image 2

James Evans

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Neck on the Line


About James

James Evans is an illustrator based in south(ish) London. He now works predominantly digitally, with a couple of comics recently finding their way into publications such as FutureQuake He has also self-published his own comics including “A Limey’s Time in LA” and “Stumpy and the Living Stone”.
He loves nothing more than sitting over his tablet, with a good glass of Cotes du Rhone in one hand, pen in the other and Spotify on radio setting.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

“The opportunity to work on a diverse and multifaceted project such as this was too hard to turn down.  Enlisted by friend and collaborator Virgil Yendell, I was honoured to be asked to provide the illustrations for his great story. Having also read Tales of the Forgotten, I have become fascinated by the diversity of narrative within the Unseen Shadows realm and have grown excited to become a part of its expanding vision.”


Steve Penfold

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Fallen Heroes the Comic Adaptation, The Reverend: Wrath of God


About Steve

Steve Penfold is an English artist. He enjoys acting occasionally and is trying to build up enough technical knowledge to go into film. His work includes the award winning short film Cock (which he remains proud and ashamed of in equal measure) and something he hasn’t quite finished yet, as well as artwork on Caelum Priory (BTB), Zookeeper (Insomnia), Moon (for Beyond the Bunker) and Fallen Heroes (in association with Beyond the Bunker).

Professionally as an artist – his clients have included Lucasarts, Weird and Wonderful, Darrin Grimwood (for Destroy All Robots), Andy Day (CBeebies), First Technicare, London Bridge Experience, Saatchi and Saatchi (Art Director) Production (Box) (with Dan), Codeye, Blackstone Films, Pink Pigeon and independent performers and creative projects.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

“The more I worked with the characters I discovered what an insanely fun, vaguely maniacal globetrotting adventure it was. So much scope in terms of what to draw there’s plenty for me to get my teeth into and I fully intend to. I intend to give Barry’s source material a good showing on the comics page and I look forward to bringing it to life visually.”

Conor Boyle

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Steph Connisbee: Operation Solomon


About Conor

Coming Soon

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

“I hate comfort zones. Wanted to work with more experienced writers, and with subject matter I rarely draw (if ever). Really enjoyed Fallen Heroes #1 so it seemed perfect opportunity. Also have a soft spot for Raiders/National Treasure type stories. Sorry if you hate the latter!

Also wanted to work on a new project where I hadn’t necessarily set the ball rolling – to see if I could adapt to someone else’s world as I thought my work would benefit as a result (selfish reason, I know).”

Roy Huteson Stewart

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate


About Roy

Roy is a professional illustrator from North London who studied in Hertfordshire.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Coming Soon

Robert Carey

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers


About Rob

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Coming Soon

Alex Moore

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Historia


About Alex

Alex Moore graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in illustration in 2012. she can often be found haunched over a drawing board, tinkering away in photoshop and daydreaming about what novelty instrument to learn next.

Alex works in both traditionaly and digitaly, focusing on using the medium to explore story-telling and creating a strong sense of character. she has worked as a storyboard artist for both commercials and independent features, on a number of independent comics, and collaborated with musicians.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

I first found out about the project when Richmond Clements emailed to ask if i’d like to work on a story with him for Tales of the Forgotten. I hadn’t heard about Barry’s book or the wider universe it had spun, but had previously worked with Rich on Turning Tiger- a graphic novel for Renegade Arts. I’d had a blast working on his script for that and so jumped at the chance to collaborate again!

Valia Kapadai

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh


About Valia

Valia Kapadai is a full-time dreamer and a comic junkie. She‘s currently working as a graphic designer at the University of Athens in the morning, while she shifts into a watercolour thirsty creature by night, drawing comic pages. She has been involved in various anthologies (IDW, Insomnia, Accent UK, BLC, Dapshow Press, AyeSaw Comics, Markosia, ICCW, ??d?se?? t?? ??µp??), and 3 graphic novels she illustrated have just been published by Markosia, and ComicdomPress. She also enjoys self-publishing mini comics. She loves spending her little free time with beloved people, reading (comic) books and listening to music. Usually lost inside her own messy little bubble, she can also be found wandering through the web.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Who would pass up the chance entering such an exciting and twisted realm ?? Definitely not a comic junkie such as myself. Not to mention that I was lured into this by Cy and Nic, with the promise of a maple syrup bottle (which I drunk) and some “brain candies” (which I devoured) !!

Jorge Oliveira

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Fight or Flight


About Jorge

 Jorge Oliveira lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where he has constantly experimented with varied sorts of creative media since a tender age.  His very first passion however was drawing and sequential storytelling and it was about time to get back to it! After a hiatus mainly dedicated to music creation and architecture projects, the Thermidor project was the perfect excuse to go back to writing and drawing.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

While pitching at the 2012’s Bristol Comic Expo Jorge came to know the Unseen Shadows label and some of its well developed and diverse projects. He then proceeded to contact them sending in a .pdf pitch upon returning home. Barry Nugent later contacted to ask about a possible collaboration from which stemmed the Fight or Flight small story, featured in the second compilation volume by the label, scheduled to be launched by the end of that very same year.


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