Paul McLaren

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Fallen Heroes the comic adaptation, Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate,  Steph Connisbee: Operation Solomon, Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Brothers

Website: http://paulmclaren-lettering.blogspot.com/2011/11/tales-of-fallen-review.html?spref=fb

About Paul

From a very early age Paul has been interested in comics, pretending to be Spiderman or some other  superhero.

Growing up with Mark Millar (Wanted/Kick Ass) he started off drawing Marks  first project but being young,  impatient and silly walked away to chase a career in the police, which later became a reality. Paul served both as a Military Police Officer and Civilian Officer. Leaving the Police Service in 2010 to work in the Middle East as a dog handler in the private security industry and is now currently in Afghanistan.

Paul got back into the comic scene in 2008 when he started with a small 6 page project written by Martin Conaghan (Fallen Heroes), later lettering Martins  Graphic Novel Burke and Hare. Paul is still working on lots of projects for various artists/writers, Barry Nugent, RH Stewart, Martin Hayes, Monty Borror, and Kaan Emirler to note but a few.

Paul was asked by Martin Conaghan (another school child friend) to step in and assist with lettering issue one of Fallen Heroes and has since been honoured with lettering the series along with three stories from Tales of the Fallen…..and is loving every minute, panel and page of it.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

I was brought in to the world of Fallen Heroes/Unseen Shadows through chance. I was asked by Martin Conaghan at short notice to letter issue number one of Fallen Heroes and immediately said yes. I have worked with Martin on several projects and love his work and enthusiasm he injects into it. I was then fortunate enough to be asked to letter the series of Fallen Heroes and from that other stories from Tales of the Fallen was put before me and again without hesitation, said yes.

I have immersed myself in the world of Fallen Heroes and through reading Barry’s novel, have found the characters to be interesting, funny, mysterious and a whole load more which words just cant describe. My enthusiasm for Unseen Shadows grows daily and find myself craving more artwork to work on and bring to life.

So to answer the question…Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows…easy…its great, enjoyable and it’s a pleasure working with such a dedicated, enthusiastic and professional team.

Nic Wilkinson

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: The Reverend: Wrath of God


About Nic

Nic Wilkinson is an artist and letterer who began her adventures in the world of comics in 2006, illustrating Cy Dethan’s Extinction Protocol strip for Mongoose Publishing for almost two years.

Nic has illustrated stories for a number of anthology titles from Insomnia Publications and Accent UK, and has lettered graphic novels for Markosia Enterprises, including Slaughterman’s Creed and The Indifference Engine.

Working with Cy Dethan suits Nic very well, as she has enjoyed creating nasty things since she was only little. It has been remarked that you shouldn’t let the fact that she is still only little fool you. The main difference is that now she uses more technology and less mud in her creations. Not that she’s ruling anything out, mind…

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

“Barry Nugent drew me into his shadowy world immediately on reading the first novel, so when the temptation came I didn’t have far to fall. When the opportunity arose to be a part of that world I didn’t so much step as leap. The Unseen Shadows project has grown to become and incredible multimedia fusion of  pulp nostalgia and modern action extravaganza – and it’s not every day you get an invitation to help expand the universe. “

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