Voice Actors

David Ault

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Fallen Heroes (Audio Book), Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)


About David

Actor, writer, presenter, scientist. The Mercenary Artist.

I am the Mercenary Artist. I can be heard twice a month on the Jodcast (www.jodcast.net) and plenty of things at Darker Projects, Pendant Audio and Dream Realm, amongst others…

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

“I did the audiobook narration of the original and found it to be an excellent story with fantastic characters.It was a world I’d love to be a part of!”


Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Chase 

Chase is no stranger to the stage, having grown up in a performance oriented household, with his father being an opera tenor, his mother performing in musical theater when she was younger and his sister graduating with her degree in Vocal Music as well. He has starred in productions of both “Our Town” and “Dearly Departed”.  He has also done some bit work for local charities and MC’d many events at his local college.  He is currently studying to become a Mechanical Engineer, but plans to remain involved with the theater for a very long time.  He also enjoys long walks on the beach with his beautiful and wonderful significant other.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

After CONvergence (Minnesota’s big sci-fi, fantasy convention) I got into audio dramas and started devouring anything I could get my hands on.  After listening to them for three solid weeks I thought “that would be fun and really exciting to get involved in something like that.” I talked to one of my contacts at convergence and he turned me
on to a couple sites where I could find people looking for voice talent.  Once I found those sites I stumbled upon the Unseen Shadows advert and took an instant liking to Vincent’s character.

I am thrilled to join the cast of extremely talented people and see where this adventure takes me!


Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Fiona

Fiona is an actor based in Buxton in the green hills of Derbyshire. She does all sorts of things that involve her pretending, and generally having a lovely time. Acting, Voice Overs, drama workshops in schools, and teaching adults how to dance. She recently wrote and performed her own one woman show, EXCUSE ME, I’M TRYING TO PLEASE YOU’ directed by fellow Unseen Shadow, the charming Vern Griffiths. To find out more check out www.fiona-paul.co.uk

Fiona trained at LAMDA, and as an actor has performed all over Europe in numerous productions including; classical works, new writing, devised theatre, improvised shows, site-specific work, pantomime, musicals, community theatre, independent films, TV and Radio.

Credits include:  Jackie- The Last Laugh, Buxton Fringe, Annis- Home on the Range, North Country Theatre, Woolf and Verbatim –An Evening with Psychosis, Point Blank, Titania- Midsummer Nights Dream, Feelgood Theatre, Gravedigger- Female Hamlet, Wild Thyme Productions, Lady Macbeth- Macbeth, Northern Tour. Lady Blakeney- Scarlet Pimpernel, Fools Gold, Lawyer- Richard III on Trial, Demi Paradise Productions.  She is an associate of  Babbling Vagabonds Theatre Company and shows include,The  Devil and the 3 Godlen Hairs, Wee Meg Barnileg, The Firebird, Beast and Lonely Giant. She is also an associate of Kill TV with whom she made Arnold’s Anonymous and Cockney Armageddon. Recent films include Its Cold Outside and numerous training videos. Fiona was also the telephone voice of Churchill, Providian and Barclaycard

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Well… Having directed me in my show Vern Griffiths got used to telling me what to do, and he told me about this great project for which I should audition. He introduced me to the world of Unseen Shadows and this talented, dynamic creative team.

I read the script, loved the character of Victoria and so was delighted to be offered the part.

I love working in radio as you can be anything, and anything can happen with the power of imagination. I am delighted to be part of such an exciting project.


Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Vin

Actor, Voice Actor, Writer.
Being born, growing up, grown up…all in Manchester. That’s basically the journey I have taken to get to where I am today. On a more serious note, I became an actor so I could be a space marine! What? Okay, specifics. I currently study @ Manchester School of Acting under the guidance of renowned coach Mark Hudson, and I aim to be working on at least one project per month. Acting is something I take extremely seriously and would like to think that anybody that works with me would sum me up in two words: diligent and professional. Although it is true about the space marine thing (after watching Aliens) I became an actor because I love to bring characters to life, and I love to engage people and invite them into fantastic worlds and situations. Ideal job: working on a Stargate series.
website: http://www.vinhawke.com

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Having purchased the first episode of the comic at MCM Expo London, I immediately knew it was something special. I quickly ran back to the guys on the stall and offered my services as a voice actor for the web series. Obviously, nothing is that simple…auditions ensued and all that. Now, here we are. I have tremendous belief in the creative team involved in the project, and look forward to being part of a prosperous and expanding universe!


Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Dave

Dave Maciver was going to be a biochemist, an astronomer, a fire engine, a computer programmer or any number of actual things.  Then he made the mistake of going on stage once and he’s thrown his life away by being an actor ever since.  A few years ago he found out that if you use a microphone you can act AND not have to get properly dressed, so he started doing that.  And now he’s in this.

Dave is a somethingsomething year old actor from the Highland’s of Scotland who doesn’t get to be Scottish very often. He normally ends up being David Ault’s enemy in whatever they are in together, which will be a bit tricky this time as the other Dave is the narrator.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Why did I step in to Fallen shadows?  Because I sent in an audition and they cast me? I’ll do anything me.  Plus it’s nice to work with some familiar and new faces (not that you can SEE anyone in the audio world)


Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Gwendolyn 

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard is foremost a mother and wife. After which, she spends her time doing a myriad of voices for others entertainment. On top of that, she owns and runs Gypsyaudio.org. She can be heard pretty much all over the internet!

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Coming Soon


Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Matt

Matt is a co-founder and host of Future Pro Wrestling live events in the UK. He co-hosts the Matinee Idles movie podcast and the Burdens World podcast. He was part of the comic book review podcast The League of Nobodies and is currently writing a comic book with American artist Andy Jewett. He is a voice actor on Beta Flight and Feedback : A Heroes Calling audio dramas.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

The simplest answer would be “because Alan White asked”. But that wouldn’t do the project or the property justice. I met Barry at kapow, picked up a copy of Fallen Heroes and was immediately impressed. There is nothing like this book out there right now and it ticks so many of my taste boxes its untrue. Add to that the writing of Mr Alan White and the chance to further an existing universe under the watchful eye of its creator and easiest thing to say was “sign me up”.
Now looking at the roster of voice talent that’s been assembled, I feel even more excited and privileged to start work on this.

Vito Delsante

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Vito

Vito Delsante is a comic book writer/graphic novelist. He’s written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, AdHouse Books, and Simon & Schuster, among others and his stories have been reprinted in other countries. He lives in New York City with his wife, Michelle, and two dogs, Kasey and Kirby, and wears glasses. Find him if you can and say, “Hello.”

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

When I was younger, I did some voice over work for a family of puppeteers. I was always an actor, but VO work didn’t go past that. I recently did ADR for a friend’s film and I realized I really enjoyed doing it. When the Unseen Shadows folks offered me the chance to get back into it, I couldn’t pass it up.


Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Vern

Vern Griffiths has been acting for 17 years, despite having the boyish looks of a young Brando (Dave Brando a butcher in Leicester). After ten years of fringe theatre where he delighted the unsuspecting public with portrayals as diverse as Elvis-obsessed House-Fly and Macbeth, he trained at the reknowned Poor School in London’s bustling King’s Cross, perfect for drama training and purchasing heroin.

Since then Vern has toured the UK in many productions and appeared in the odd bit of telly, and he does mean odd, in one he fought the battle of Trafalgar with Roger Daltrey…

Each yuletide he gives the people of South Wales a treat by appearing as Dame in Panto, this year he shall be badgering Cinderella as one of the Ugly Sisters (he’s pretty certain he’ll be the beautiful one…).

Over the past couple of years he has become a regular voice on BBC Radio Wales, performing mainly in comedy, Empire Of Blood is his first foray into radio drama, and he is very much looking forward to it.

This year, Vern made his debut as a director, with the award-winning one-woman show, Excuse Me, I’m Trying To Please You, which will be touring the UK in 2012, unless the Mayans are right…

Vern is a founder member of the Matinee Idles (2011 Noisy Award Winner – Best Non-Comic Group Podcast), a monthly-ish movie podcast available on iTunes, which is where he first came into contact with Mr White, who charmed him into lending his dulcets to the various characters that have spilled out of the Nugent-Head.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Coming Soon

Chris Barnes

Current Unseen Shadows Projects: Tales of the Fallen: Empire of Blood (Audio Drama)

About Chris

Chris was born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland and he is immortal, no, wait, thats Dave McIvor.

Chris was actually born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1977 – which makes him roughly, old.  A born show off, having exhausted all other tools at his disposal, decided to give voice acting a try.  He has managed to fool various audio production groups into thinking he’s quite good and has appeared in several productions including Brokensea’s Doctor Who and Jake Sampson Monster Hunter to name but two.

He also produces audiobooks and podcasts.

Why did I step into the Unseen Shadows?

Why not? I was being given the chance to work with all the other talented people on this page.

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