Forgotten Warriors

Hold your breath.
Stand your ground.
The worst is yet to come.


Three years ago, on the eve of their greatest triumph, the Book of Cademus instead suffered their greatest defeat.


Today the leaders of this apocalyptic cult are hunted across the globe as their followers lose faith in their gods.


Reduced to striking out from the shadows in petty acts of vengeance, the cult hatches one last desperate gambit to regain all they have lost.


The Icarus Foundation, ignorant of the danger, has become locked in a political power struggle. The United Nations believes Icarus are too dangerous to be left unchecked and take drastic measures to bring them under control.


With Icarus’ focus turned elsewhere the burden falls on those scarred survivors to stand against the Book of Cademus once more. If they can…

Order your copy of Forgotten Warriors (signed) for £8.99 for UK Delivery (P &P £2.50)

Print Edition: Amazon UKAmazon US,

Ebook Edition: Amazon UK Amazon US

Toorder your copy of Forgotten Warriors for International Delivery (email me at )to let me know where you are in the world so I can work out the P &P

6 thoughts on “Forgotten Warriors

    • Hey Nigel, well I’m busy on the third draft (got 9 chapters to go) then it will go into the hands of test readers then back to me for any potential edits. I would love it to be finished and out by the end of the year but at this moment in time I just don’t know.

      Sorry I couldn’t give you a more straight answer.

    • Hey Alex, thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay in replying. I had hoped to have it out this year but circumstances have meant that’s not happened. All I can say is that I’m working on Forgotten Warriors on a daily basis and no one wants to see it out there more than me. Fingers crossed I can make that happen next year.

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