First Look at Page 2 of Unseen Shadows:Blood Cries Out

In the same manner as page 1 here’s is a look at the inks for page 2 of our first ever full length graphic novel Blood Cries Out and as you can see our hooded friends are up to some dark mischief in a junkyard. Look out for the finished page next week!

In the meantime you can out check the first adventure of  The Reverend the star of Blood Cries Out in the story Wrath of God which is featured in the Tales of the Fallen anthology available now from our Comicsy shop (pay direct by paypal) and other outlets.






First Look at Page 1 of Unseen Shadows:Blood Cries Out

So what better way to start off the new year and new projects here at Unseen Shadows than some lovely inks. In this case the inks come from the pen of artist Steve Penfold  and his work on the  first page on our first full length graphic novel Unseen Shadows:’Blood Cries Out’.

Written by Cy Dethan with colours by Gat Melvin and letters by Nic Wilkinson this is one hell of a ride and shows us a different side to vigilante Jonathan Bishop aka The Reverend as he meets his match in this tale of faith, cults, secret societies and the supernatural.

Keep an eye on the Unseen Shadows site for more updates on this an the other projects we have coming.

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