Unseen Shadows Ltd is Born!

Pulp adventure has never looked so good

So I announced it at Thought Bubble a few weekends back but I can now announce it to everyone (well the two of you currently reading this) that I have taken the plunge and formed my own independent publishing company – Unseen Shadows Ltd.  Those of you who picked up anything from the Unseen Shadows table at Thought Bubble will have seen the new Unseen Shadows logo taking pride of place on the products for sale. Thanks to Steve Penfold for providing me with the fantastic Napoleon Stone image and for Anthony Thickitt for putting together the logo.

I actually did all the boring paperwork and getting my company number back  in late September but I wanted to wait until the launch of Tales of the Fallen to make it all shiny and official.

It’s a very daunting and scary step starting my own company and I know there’s a lot of work still to do and much to learn but I feel that it’s a risk that’s worth taking and if things don’t go to plan I’ll know I followed my dreams and gave it a try rather than sat there saying ‘What if’.

To begin with my plan is to put out material directly related to the world of Unseen Shadows some  free some some not. I want to have as many different avenues into the world of Unseen Shadows as I can. Fallen Heroes the novel,  Fallen Heroes the comic, Tales of the Fallen and Empire of Blood have already got things off to a great start but it won’t end there (more than that later in the week). I hope that when other people see the quality of work that is being produced by the creative team it will attract other like minded folk who might want to play in the Unseen Shadows universe.  I’m a bit bias I know but I think it’s fun landscape to play in and anyone whose read the book, the comics or listened to the audio drama will know there’s a lot of genres and characters to play with as well.

I do have some other ‘interesting ideas’ for the future but that is a tale for another day.

All that remains to say is welcome to Unseen Shadows Ltd, where adventure awaits!

Barry Nugent, Founder of Unseen Shadows Ltd

4 thoughts on “Unseen Shadows Ltd is Born!

  1. Hi Barry!!

    That’s a very great news!!! You have did it, man!!! Your new “big baby” is alive!!! Congrats!!!
    I will order more and more printed comic books and OGN from Unseen Shadows Ltd!!!
    And I will push my friends to do the same!!!

    Welcome to the new UK based indie, Unseen Shadows Ltd!!!

    Judge Fred MANSON

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