Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers – ‘They Called us Blacklight’ Preview

So here it is the first proper look at  one of the  spin off comics coming out of the Unseen Shadows universe. The other projects are well underway so expect preview art, sound files and more to keep on coming.

Huge thanks and props to the Band of Butchers team – Dan Thompson (Writer), Rob Carey (Artist), Vicky Stonebridge (Colourist) and Paul Mclaren (Letterer) who have been doing fantastic work bringing Clancy and his team to the comic page.

Ladies and gents I give you a five page preview Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers…be warned there’s some harsh language ahead.

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Band of Butchers preview

Two Full Colour Pages from Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers

I know I’m spoiling you now but I really couldn’t hang onto these any longer. If you’ve recovered from the fantastic art by Conor then brace yourself for the first two page of art from Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers written by Dan Thompson. The art is handled by Rob Carey and for the first time you get to see Vicky Stonebridge’s brilliant colours on these pages.

Tales of the Fallen: Band of Butchers – Early Character Sketches

I thought you might like to see some of Rob Carey’s character sketches from the upcoming Band of Butchers being written by Dan Thompson. Rob has stressed these are ‘early sketches’ and his first take on the characters. If you’ve read Fallen Heroes then Clancy, Stony and Kelly will be familiar names to you and I think Rob has already captured them brilliantly even at this early stage. I keep thinking that this like all the other spin off is going to be one pretty comic when it’s finished.

Seeing these in my inbox was certainly a great way to start off a Wednesday.

Unseen Shadows: Tales of the Fallen – Character Posters by Steve Penfold

Check out these awesome poster images of the stars of the spin off comics which will form the Tales of the Fallen anthology. The posters were drawn by Steve Penfold, the artist on Fallen Heroes comic adaptation and The Reverend:Wrath of God spin off comic.

I had no idea Steve had done these images and I’ve only just seen them and I’m still trying to put into words what seeing these and all the other pieces of art that  is starting to come through means to me. I’m excited, scared,inspired and most of the time just plain humbled by the wealth of talent working on these projects. I am a very lucky writer.

Stunned just stunned.

The Reverend: Wrath of God by Cy Dethan, Steve Penfold and Gat Melvyn

Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate by Pete Rogers and Roy Huteson Stewart

Stephanie Conisbee in Operation: Solomon by Richmond Clements & Conor Boyle

Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers by Dan Thompson, Robert Carey and Vicky Stonebridge