Eye of Stone Pencils Finished

We’ve made great progress on another of our upcoming comics. This time it’s Eye of Stone, the story of how Demon Stalker Napoleon Stone lost his eye! It’s not going to be a nice, light, fluffy story from Cy Dethan, you can expect bloody squelchy bits and the odd monster. Plus… EYEBALLS!

Pencils of pages 2 and 3 are from our phenomenal artist Heather L Sheppard.



We’ll also have an exclusive video coming soon of Heather drawing page 11 from the book. A great one for all you budding artists, out there to see her technique up close in real time. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

First Look at ‘Eye of Stone’

Check out this finished page art from the Eye of Stone team featuring a little snippet at the origin of our Demon Stalker Napoleon Stone. I think this lovely page of may be gracing my office wall at some at stage in the future.

The fantastic art/colours were done by Heather L Sheppard.