Artist Heather L Sheppard Joins ‘Eye of Stone’

“In all of the many strange, darkened roads that Barry Nugent has walked in his novels and adaptations, no character casts a longer shadow than Napoleon Stone. For me, he *is* the Unseen Shadow that gives the project its name.” – Cy Dethan

With the ink hardly dry on the script for the Napoleon Stone one shot ‘Eye of Stone’ the project now has an artist. Heather L Sheppard joins the dynamic duo of Cy Dethan (writer) and Nic Wilkinson (Letterer) to bring her awesome art skills to bear on the project. The story Cy has written explores the way that our one eyed occult investigator is viewed by his enemies. To do this means delving into Stone’s past and allowing us to see a  different looking Napoleon than the one we know from the novel and the Fragments of Fate comic. To see what I mean check out the fantastic early Napoleon Stone character sketches provided by Heather. You can see more of Heather stunning work over on her website.

More news on the project when we have it.

Napoleon_Stone_full_Flashback_sample (1)

Napoleon_Stone_full_sample (1) Napoleon_Stone_portrait_sample (1)

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