Artwork Finished on ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’

I am extremely happy to report that after keeping him trapped on a hellish island, much like Oliver Queen, that Aaron Moran, artist on ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’ has been allowed to take his first breath as a free man.

The reason for Aaron’s freedom is that he has finished all 102 pages of art on our first Unseen Shadows graphic novel. Aaron has exceeded my expectations and blown me away not only with his work ethic but his artwork which speaks for itself. This, along with, Lizzie Boyle’s stellar script has made for a great combo.

For those who loved Kathryn in the novel, you will not be disappointed.


Now the story is in the capable hands of Paul Mclaren to put the words on the comic page.

You will be able to judge for yourself when’The Heart Which Makes Us’ is released later this year.

‘The Heart Which Makes Us’ – New Art

Ha ha fooled you! I bet you thought we had disappeared from the face of the earth? No ? oh ok in that case forget what I just said and welcome back to Unseen Shadows.

I’ve not updated the blog in a while but that doesn’t mean that the shadows (unseen or otherwise) have not been moving. Work has been continuing on the second novel as well as several other projects. Hopeful now a few of them are well on their way to being completed we can start cranking out some production art and info.

For today’s little taste and seeing as its the end of the week I thought I would give you not one but two pages from our first graphic novel ‘The Heart Which Makes US’ by Lizzie Boyle, Aaron Moran and Paul Mclaren.

The pages are a nice look at how the star of the graphic novel, TORCH agent Kathryn Monroe sees the world.



Behind the Shadows: The Heart Which Makes Us

In this latest Behind the Shadows Lizzie Boyle talks about her work on the upcoming Unseen Shadows graphic novel ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’ and its heroine Kathryn Monroe.


You know that moment when you open a box of chocolates and you don’t know which one to have first? That’s how it felt when Barry asked if I would write for Unseen Shadows.

“Choose a character,” he said, “and write the story you want.”

There are so many great characters in the Unseen Shadows universe, but – as if instinctively reaching for the orange cream among the chocolates – I knew which one was for me.

Kathryn Monroe.

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The Heart Which Makes US – Page One Finished

The Heart Which Makes Us by Lizzie Boyle, Aaron Moran and Paul Mclaren is going great guns.  Fifteen pages have now been drawn by Aaron and Paul Mclaren has added his lettering to eleven pages so things could not be going better for the project.

As I said before this is one of Kathryn’s early adventures and a dark tale it is too. Just to give you a hint of what to expect here’s page one, complete with lettering.