Artwork Finished on ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’

I am extremely happy to report that after keeping him trapped on a hellish island, much like Oliver Queen, that Aaron Moran, artist on ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’ has been allowed to take his first breath as a free man.

The reason for Aaron’s freedom is that he has finished all 102 pages of art on our first Unseen Shadows graphic novel. Aaron has exceeded my expectations and blown me away not only with his work ethic but his artwork which speaks for itself. This, along with, Lizzie Boyle’s stellar script has made for a great combo.

For those who loved Kathryn in the novel, you will not be disappointed.


Now the story is in the capable hands of Paul Mclaren to put the words on the comic page.

You will be able to judge for yourself when’The Heart Which Makes Us’ is released later this year.

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