Fragments of Fate to be Released in Full Colour Soon!

As you know long time Unseen Shadows fans will know Fragments of Fate the story starring Napoleon Stone (who graces the cover of the Fallen Heroes novel) featured in the first anthology we launched Tales of the Fallen. Originally the tale was released in Black and White. Well I’m pleased to announce that secretly the Fragments of Fate creative team have been working to produce an all colour  edition of Fragments of Fate which will be available soon in a digital format. As well as the full colour there will also a whole new cover and few other little changes that those of you who are eagle eyed and have read the previous edition will be able to spot.To those of you who already own the previous edition I’m trying to work out a way to enable you lot to have this version at no extra charge!

To whet your appetite here’s a look at the new 100% pulp adventure cover(just awaiting titles) by Darren Brown and the first five pages in low res to enjoy! Fans of the original cover by Valia Kapadai have no fear as that will be included as a pin up with this version.

Mythical artifacts tied to an ancient legend.  A demonic cult obsessed with determining destiny. Professor Napoleon Stone’s latest research project is about to take him on a dark and perilous journey into the unknown.  Beaten, broken, terrorised and tortured.   It’s time to discover what’s worse, being haunted by your past?  Or being tormented by your future?

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US 2012-09 Tales of the Fallen FoF Credits






Darren Brown Joins Ashfall and First Look at Page 1 in Full Colour

So it’s been a since we had an update for Ashfall which stars Napoleon Stone and his mentor Nathan Ash so I reckon it was about time for one and it’s a biggie. I’m using this post to welcome Darren Brown to the team who will be handling the colours for the project to complement Peter Mason’s (Cancertown 2) art and Paul Mclaren’s lettering. As part of his welcome to the Ashfall creative team Darren has provided us with a full colour page 1 for everyone to enjoy.


In case you’ve forgotten here is the blurb for Ashfall which is written by Dan Thompson (Band of Butchers)

Napoleon Stone faces his greatest challenge, as he sets out to hunt down the very man who trained him! For thirty years Nathan Ash was the best in the business but now he’s gone rogue and Napoleon is on his trail with orders to bring the old man in, dead or alive!

Dan Thompson (Band of Butchers, Moon) and Peter Mason (Cancertown 2) bring you a tale of lies, loyalty and left hooks in the latest action-packed comic from the world of Barry Nugent’s best selling Unseen Shadows saga!

New Napoleon Stone Comic ‘Eye of Stone’ in Development

So another day and another one shot announcement . This latest story stars the Demon Stalker himself  Napoleon Stone in ‘Eye of Stone’. I won’t be giving too much away at this stage except to say that the story is being written by Cy Dethan with Nic Wilkinson on the lettering duties.

Cy and I finished thrashing out the last sections of the outline today along with the title and we are both very excited about the story.  Here’s what Cy had to say about the project.

“In all of the many strange, darkened roads that Barry Nugent has walked in his novels and adaptations, no character casts a longer shadow than Napoleon Stone. For me, he *is* the Unseen Shadow that gives the project its name. My life up until this moment has been one long training montage, but now Barry has convinced me that it’s time I confronted the Demon Stalker on his own ground.” – Cy Dethan

So far there is no art team attached to the project and no timescales as yet  but as always keep an eye on the Unseen Shadows website for updates.

I also realised as I typed up this latest post that outside of  our panel last year at Thought Bubble and on the Unseen Shadows Facebook page I’ve not spoken about some of the projects coming your way soon from the world of Unseen Shadows. So I will be updated you all on that on a daily basis so stay tuned for another one shot announcement tomorrow.