TALES OF THE FORGOTTEN: Ashfall – Synopsis and Update

Earlier this week I signed off on the script for Ashfall by Dan Thompson with art by Peter Mason and letters by Paul McLaren This will be one of the new stories for the second Unseen Shadows Comic anthology – Tales of the Forgotten.


“Napoleon Stone faces his greatest challenge, as he sets out to hunt down the very man who trained him! For thirty years Nathan Ash was the best in the business but now he’s gone rogue and Napoleon is on his trail with orders to bring the old man in, dead or alive!

Dan Thompson (Band of Butchers, Moon) and Peter Mason (Cancertown 2) bring you a tale of lies, loyalty and left hooks in the latest action-packed comic from the world of Barry Nugent’s best selling Unseen Shadows saga!”

Dan Thompson on why he returned to Unseen Shadows.

“To be honest, I don’t think there was ever a moment when I thought about not returning to the crazy world of Unseen Shadows. Those of us who worked on the original Tales of the Fallen project had an absolute blast and, while we knew the book was good, the reception it’s had from fans and critics since launching last year blew all of us away. When you get asked if you want to be a part of the follow up book, it’s a pretty easy decision.

The nice thing is that there’s still so many great stories to tell with these characters. Nathan comes from a very different place to Clancy and so it allowed me to write a very different story to the one we told in Band of Butchers. We’re going bigger, we’re going louder and we’re adding a touch of humour but the core idea of telling emotive stories about interesting people has remained intact. I think fans are going to really dig this collection.”

Tales of the Forgotten will be out later this year.

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