See the First Page and Early Character Art from ‘Stolen’

I thought as it been a while since I updated the site I would give you some of Cormac Hughes’ fantastic art to look at from the upcoming ‘Stolen’ spin off comic. So here’s the first page and some character sketches. I won’t say anything about the characters (most readers of Fallen Heroes will remember Steph I’m sure)  as I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

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‘The Hand’ Spin off Comic in the Works

I’m very pleased to announced that I’ve given the go ahead for another Unseen Shadows comic to be created. The comic will be written by Corey Brotherson the writer of the fantastic Magic of Myths and will center on master thief Ben Ashodi aka The Hand introduced in the Fallen Heroes novel and issue 1 of the comic adaptation.

I read Coreys’ pitch over the weekend and like all the other writers on this project I was both excited and a little scared by how well he knew my characters.

Corey’s now gearing up to start work on the script and then we will start the hunt for an art team. Paul Mclaren has already agreed to take on the lettering duties on this project, which is great news.

More news soon but to whet your appetite here’s the blurb for the comic.

The Hand – Stolen

Stealth, skills and style – the life of Ben Ashodi, AKA The Hand, is one hell of a ride. A talented escape artist and professional thief for hire, The Hand teeters on a precarious high wire, balanced between a career of criminality and a strong sense of morals.

Although when responsibility over his past actions catch up with him, it soon becomes clear there are some things even this master escapologist cannot get away from…