Fallen Heroes is Nominated for an Award!

The Pearson Prize is a very exciting award because the winners are chosen by a focus group of 100 real high school students. How meaningful to have your book chosen for an award by a real audience of real readers! No more inside politics!

I am pleased to announce that this week I received the email informing me that Fallen Heroes has been nominated in the invite only Platinum Medal section of The Pearson Prize.

“Platinum Medal – Given to the TOP selection from the INVITED BOOKS ONLY. Student’s of the Learning for a Cause Project invite books for the platinum prize by private invitation.”

To have the book nominated for an award is a great way to end a year of hard work but with so much exciting news to report on. I can’t see how this year can hold any more surprises.

Wish me luck!

To find out more about the award head over to http://www.pearsonprize.org/

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