First Two Clips from the ‘Empire of Blood’ Audio Drama

Continuing the day of previews I thought I would give comics a rest for today and head into the world of audio dramas. To that end feast your ears on two early clips from the six part audio drama ‘Empire of Blood’.

If you’ve read Fallen Heroes and I tell you this tale stars Vincent Marconi you’ll know who I’m talking about. If you’ve not read the book it doesn’t matter as it’s a cracking standalone story.

Just to give you a heads up that now all the effects have been added yet and neither has the soundtrack but the clips should give you a good idea what to expect.

Direct Download: Empire of Blood – Scene 1 Sampler 

Listen online:

Direct Download: Empire of Blood – Scene 5

Listen online:

Big thanks to Alan White for putting these clips together and to Chase, Fiona, Vin and Dave for their exceptional voice work in these clips.

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