Tales of the Forgotten: Napoleon Stone Adventure ‘Ashfall’ Finds it’s Artist

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any news from Unseen Shadows but that’s not because nothing been going on, quite the opposite. Work has been progressing nicely on the second Unseen Shadows Comic anthology entitled ‘Tales of the Forgotten’. The reason behind the title as that this anthology will hopefully coincide with the launch of ‘Forgotten Warriors’ the follow up to Fallen Heroes and the second part of the Unseen Shadows trilogy of novels.

There will be more news on the projects which make up the new anthology but for now lets focus on Ashfall written by Dan Thompson and lettered by Paul Mclaren. Dan, you may remember bought Mercenary Clancy Wallencheck and his team ‘Blacklight’ to life in ‘Band of Butchers‘.  This time around Dan will be taking on two big characters from the Unseen Shadows universe – Napoleon Stone and his mentor Nathan Ash. Napoleon had his own title last year in Fragments of Fate but this will be the first look at his mentor Nathan Ash in comic form. Of course those of you who have already read the novel will be familiar with Nathan.

More news on the story soon but I can tell you we will see younger versions of Napoleon and Nathan in an adventure which is very central to their relationship in Fallen Heroes.  However, like the other comic titles, Ashfall will be a standalone story but if you’ve read Fallen Heroes there will be a lot of easter eggs in there for you to enjoy.

The reason for today’s post is the announcement that Peter Mason (Cancertown 2 and Thonk!) has joined the creative team as the artist and colourist on the title.

I met pete at the Demoncon 3 comic convention last week and after Dan and I saw his portfolio it was an easy decision to bring him onboard (it helped that Pete was already a fan of Tales of the Fallen). Pete’s initial sketches of Napoleon and Nathan blew us away and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Pete has up his sleeve when he gets to grip with the script, which is all but complete.

For now enjoy these sketches of Napoleon and Nathan in their prime…I know I will.


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