Cy Dethan Finishes Script for ‘Whatever the Cost’

I’m pleased to announce that Cy Dethan, who has already penned four comic scripts for Unseen Shadows, has not only agreed to tackle a fifth but the script is already complete.

‘Whatever the Cost’ is a story centred around Luther Washington, who is an agent of T.O.R.C.H. Luther will be no stranger to those who have read the novel as he is one of the major players in the story. In Cy’s script we see Luther on a mission which goes somewhat awry and forces him to take a long hard look at the choices he has made.

Nic Wilkinson, Cy’s partner in crime will be handling the lettering duties and Sara Westrop will be over seeing the project as its editor. We are however still looking for an artist and colourist for the project. If you’re interested in getting involved then please check the submission pages for further details.



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