Bob Kelsey Investigates: Killing the Soul Part 1

Bob Kelsey is a reporter on the run from a centuries old cult he made the mistake of falling foul of. Unable to keep his reporter’s nose for a story out of other people’s business he now runs an underground blog investigating the weird, the strange and the downright surreal.

The Unseen Shadows web comic series  Bob Kelsey Investigates continues in new story ‘Killing the Soul’ is a six part dark and twisted little tale with some serious bite.

Bob Kelsey on the tail of a grisly serial killer and his methods are questionable to say the least. After finding a valuable clue he keeps the police in the dark, hoping to catch the killer himself.

Written by Richmond A. Clements, lettered by Paul McLaren drawn by the incredibly talented Roy Huteson Stewart

Enjoy part 1 and join us next Thursday for part 2. Also remember to check out the previous Bob Kelsey adventures Neck on the Line and The Return. There is also the 22 page Bob Kelsey One Shot ‘The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh’ available on Comicsy as a digital download for £1.00.


Read Part 2 of Killing the Soul

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