The Lament of Lady Mary is Complete

I am currently working hard trying to get Forgotten Warriors, the elusive sequel to Fallen Heroes, finished  before we are all driving around in flying cars. However one thing I can say that is finished is ‘The Lament of Lady Mary’ which is the comic written by Pete Rogers with art and lettering by Conor Boyle. I’m very proud of the work the guys have done on this story, which focuses on Lady Mary Cademus, who is the mother of Sir Oliver Cademus. Fans of the novel will know that it was Sir Oliver who founded the Book of Cademus.

The comic will join ‘The Knights of Cademus‘  a story by Virgil Yendell and James Evans which, once the other stories, are complete will become the third Unseen Shadows anthology comic

Although we’ve not added the titles onto it here is a first look at the cover. Look out for a five page preview coming soon.



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