Back from the Shadows!

Wow so it’s been almost two years since I posted anything on the Unseen Shadows site…blimey time does fly. While I’m talking landmarks I realised this year marks twenty year since I first sat down to write Fallen Heroes…been quite the ride.

What I’m hoping is this post will mark me getting back into the routine of giving out regular updates on the Unseen Shadows projects still on the go.

Current projects on the go include

The third novel – well as far as the third and final novel in what I’m now calling ‘The Fallen Heroes Trilogy’  that is a good question. At the moment a have a title, a cover and a ton of ideas. However I’ve not started as yet as I’m currently finishing off my attempt at a middle grade fiction novel. Finger crossed though I will be putting pen to paper on the third novel this year.

Blood Cries Out – and all new story starring the Reverend.

Eye of Stone – a Napoleon Stone comic,

Cademus is Lord –  a comic set 70 years in the future

Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate – a  choose your own adventure novel.

Finally I’m working on ‘Unseen Shadows‘  which will be a collection of all the comic one shots which have been released under the Unseen Shadows label.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more update, sneak peeks and some special offers.



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