Comics and Prose Unite in Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set

“Just because I’m at a comic convention doesn’t mean I won’t buy a prose novel…after all I am a geek.”

The above nugget of wisdom was delivered  at my exhibitor table at the Thought Bubble Comic Festival, several years ago. I was there selling Unseen Shadows comics when someone stopped by to ask about the project.  I explained how the comics were, for the most part, standalone stories that featured characters from my novel ‘Fallen Heroes’ (yep I just had the one novel back then). The man nodded enthusiastically, said he loved the idea and started to scan the table. At last he looked at me and asked.

“Where’s the novel?”

I replied that I didn’t think anyone would be up for buying the novel, seeing as it was a comic convention. The man smiled and said “Just because I’m at a comic convention doesn’t mean I won’t buy a prose novel here…after all I am a geek. ”

The following year I returned to Thought Bubble and took some copies of Fallen Heroes and returned home with none.  After that I’ve always made sure to take the  novels to comic conventions and also the comics to book conventions.

The lesson I learned was that it was ok to mix mediums on my table, which I guess is reflection of the whole Unseen Shadows ethos -multiple mediums equals multiple ways in.

That story was a very long winded way of explaining the reason we are launching not only a prose piece of work at Thought Bubble but something a little different. Don’t worry there’s a comic angle coming in.

Army of Set Cover

An Unseen Shadows Find Your Path Gamebook

You are Napoleon Stone. Lecturer in Archaeology, History and Parapsychology. You are also an expert in all things occult. In your years of adventuring, for the Icarus Foundation, you have acquired many formidable skills. You are an unparalleled hand to hand fighter, weapons expert and your skill with a blade could see you in an Olympic team. You are also a notable practitioner of the magical arts.

This is good. You are going to need all these skills in what is coming. A great evil is awakening and it will unleash destruction upon this world unless you can stop it.

Good luck, Professor Stone.

The Army of Set awaits you…

Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set is a Find your Fate Game Book, where the reader chooses multiple paths through the story.

The book has been written by Richmond Clements (who pitched me the idea and did a  lot of the heavy lifting) and myself, with the game system devised  by Anthony McGarry Thickitt . The book is illustrated by Alex Moore with some additional art provided by Paul Williams and Pete Mason.

The really cool thing about Army of Set  is that will reference and directly lead into the comic Fragments of Fate which is also included in the same book. See told you there would be a comic link. Someone, somewhere has probably done something like this before but either way the creative team is very excited to share the finished product.

We will have a limited run of copies of Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set at the Unseen Shadows Table (Comixology Originals Hall Table 118) at Thought Bubble and available for postal delivery on launch day. You can Pre-Order your copy below for the special launch price of £5.00 (RRP £6.99)

Please see below for the pre-order prices. For International Delivery send an email to to let us know where you are in the world so we can work out the P &P and charge accordingly.

Pre-order Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set for pick up at  the Thought Bubble Comic Festival for £5.00
Buy Now Button TB Blood Cries Out
Pre-order Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set for UK Delivery  for £5 (P &P £2.50)
Delivered on launch day 9th November

Buy Now Button TB Blood Cries Out



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